Symposium Archives

This is an archive of the weekly Philosophy Symposium presentations beginning in the fall of 2009. Further details of the presentations can be found in the corresponding blog posts.

~|FALL 2011|~

12-7-2011 Kathleen O’Bannon, “A Deontological Analysis of Literature and its Virtues”
11-30-2011 Eddy K. Chen, “Quantum Mechanics and God”
11-23-2011 Special Thanksgiving Symposium
11-16-2011 Yunus Prasetya, “Divine Impassability”
11-9-2011 Noah Cawley, “Three Views on Modality”
11-2-2011 Landon Oaks, “Loving the Good”
10-19-2011 Chad McIntosh, “Accepting Universalist Passages at Fave Value”
10-12-2011 Eddy K. Chen, “On Improving the Kalaam Cosmological Argument”
10-5-2011 Scott Wolcott, “Philosophy in the Modern Church”
9-28-2011 Kelly James Clark, “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Graduate School”
9-21-2011 Trent Dougherty, “Is Alvin Plantinga a Crypto-Evidentialist?”
9-14-2011 Fall 2011 Kick Off

~|SPRING 2011|~

4-27-2011 End of the semester celebration
4-20-2011 Carsten Hamann, “Two Shades of Modern Mathematical Realism & Where They Go Wrong”
4-13-2011 Yemi Dada-Daodu, “Some Refelections Divine Simplicity”
4-6-2011 Liz Jennings, “Exclusion as Embrace: The Intersection of Care Theory & Excommunication
3-9-2011 Nathaniel Cha, “Aztec Time and Philosophy: In Search for Neltiliztli”
3-2-2011 Lander Hultin, “Avoiding the Hollow & Empty: Philosophy & Idolatry in the Postmodern Age”
2-23-2011 Katy O’Bannon, “An Existentialist Critique of Existentialism: Authenticity and Egoism”
2-16-2011 Nathaniel Ma “Hegemonic Masculinity in the Rhetoric of Plato’s Gorgias: Callicles and Socrates” (presented by Lander Hultin)
2-9-2011 Cameron Gibbs, “Berkley and His Critics: Why There Still Might be Reason to Doubt the Material World”

~|FALL 2010|~

12-8-2010 Scott Wolcott, “Eudaimonism, Divine Commands, and Abraham’s Dilemma”
12-1-2010 Prof. Daniel Herrick, “Aristotle’s Philosophy of Mathematics”
11-17-2011 Prof. Christina Van Dyke, personal statement workshop
11-10-2010 Noah Cawley, “An Argument Against Incompatibilist Free-Will from Middle Knowledge”
11-3-2010 Lander Hultin, “Heiddegger, Levinas, and Apologetics”
10-20-2010 Nathaniel Cha and Michael McCloskey, “Zezek on Christianity”
10-13-2010 Chad McIntosh, “Homosexual Behavior and Philosophical Argument”
10-6-2010 Prof. Kelly James Clark, ”How to Get Into Graduate Schools”
9-29-2010 Josh Schendel, “Thomistic Dualism: Thomas Aquinas on the Nature of Human Beings”
9-22-2010 Michael McCloskey, “Are Christianity and Ayn Rand’s Objectivism Compatible?”
9-15-2010 Fall 2010 Philosophy Symposium Kickoff

~|SPRING 2010|~

5-12-2010 End of the Year Celebration
5-5-2010 Cedric Parsels, “Wittgenstein and Philosophical Theology”
4-21-2010 Tim Perrine, “The Nature of Christian Philosophy”
4-14-2010 Michael McCloskey, “An Argument for the Immorality of Capitalism”
4-7-2010 Kristin Foltz, “Rationality and Kierkegaard’s Absolute Choice: A Response to MacIntyre’s Objection”
3-31-2010 Chad McIntosh, “Intelligent Design 101”
3-17-2010 Cameron Gibbs, “Mereological Nihilism and Dualism”
3-10-2010 Emmalon Davis, “God, Chance, Purpose, Evolution”
3-3-2010 Chad McIntosh, “The Plausibility of Naturalistic Moral Realism”
2-17-2010 Luis Oliveira, “How Not to Explain our Moral Intuition Away”

~|FALL 2009|~

11-18-2009 Chad McIntosh, “Theism and the Metaphysics of Meaning & Value”
11-11-2009 Aaron Rathbun, “The Philosophy Behind Biblical Inerrancy”
10-23-2009 Tim Perrine and Luis Oliveira, a discussion on thought experiments
10-14-2009 Tim Vander Veen and Tim Perrine, a discussion on the nature of assertion
9-30-2009 Tim Perrine, “Conditional Moral Veganism”
9-23-2009  Chad McIntosh, “S5, God, and Numbers”
9-16-2009  Philosophy Symposium Fall Kickoff

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