3rd Annual Conference

3rd Annual Calvin College
Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

April 29-30, 2011

Keynote Speaker: Alvin Plantinga

“A New Argument Against Materialism”



Calvin’s Undergraduate Philosophy Conference is a two-day event held each year to promote excellence in philosophy, exampled the first day by our keynote speaker. The following day is devoted entirely to student papers, allowing students to present and receive serious feedback on their work.

Friday April 29, 2011
6:30pm Reception
7:30pm Keynote Speaker: Alvin Plantinga, “A New Argument Against Materialism”
Saturday April 30, 2011
8:30am Donuts and Coffee
9:00am Brian Schimpf (Ball State University), “Thoughts and  Qualifications on Transcendental Arguments”
Comments by Cameron Gibbs (Calvin College)
10:15am Ryan Austin (Huntington University), “Temporal Parts and the Status of Personhood of the Unborn and the Undead”
Comments by Hong Chen (Calvin College)
11:30am Andrew Brenner (University of North Florida), “Do A-Theories of Time Entail a Finite Past?”
Comments by Eddy Chen (Calvin College)
12:45pm Lunch: Provided!
2:00pm Kevin Dupree (University of Central Florida), “Virgil’s Lesson for Mariology: A Response to Dennett’s Physicalist Account of Mary’s First Experience of Color”
Comments by Emi Okayasu (Calvin College)
3:15pm Timothy Cuffman (Cedarville University), “Redeeming (Rhizomatic) Enclaves”
Comments by Lander Hultin (Calvin College)
4:30pm Drew Hiller (St. Louis University), “Beauty in the Musical Experience: Understanding Varieties of Aesthetic Judgment”
Comments by Nick Colegrove (Huntington University)

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